The Last Fundraiser!

Way back in September of 2014, I began a the journey to get my son a service dog. Of course, the journey really began before that with the decision to begin the process of getting a service dog for Thatcher. As you all know, Thatcher has Autism, which comes with sensory processing disorder and a tendency to wander away from caretakers and into danger. While a GPS tracking device could help if Thatcher should escape, it isn’t as accurate as a dog’s sniffer and it also isn’t a preventative measure. So, now it’s been almost three years since I sent in Thatcher’s application packet and now we are on our last fundraiser!!! This last one is specifically for travel expenses and any additional funds that we receive will go toward initial dog expenses. The last fundraiser ends on August 20, 2017 (just 4 days from now) and we will be going to Xenia, Ohio for a two week training class in November of this year!

Here is the link for the Thirty One Fundraiser if you’d like to make a purchase:

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