An Ever-changing Journey

Here is a blog post that was saved as a draft, but was never actually published. I wrote this sometime in January of 2013.

So, the holidays are finally over, I’m completely finished with school (as in I now have a terminal degree and won’t have to go back) and we are still struggling with all of Thatcher’s various therapies. First of all, let me explain: Before the holidays, everything was going pretty well. Thatcher had an hour of speech and an hour of OT outside of school a week and was getting community living supports (CLS), but just before the holidays things started falling apart again. First, his CLS worker quit. We were assigned someone new in the same agency. He worked for a few weeks and also quit. So now, we are trying to go through a different agency and still have yet to find a CLS worker, even though my son has been approved for this service.

Thatcher’s OT got pregnant and went back to her home state, which is fine, but that left us with a new therapist who believes (and I have to agree with her on this) that Thatcher would be better off in a facility that is better equipped for children (he’s currently going to an adult facility).

His speech therapist hasn’t changed, but is adding music therapy, which is great for Thatcher once that gets going. Also, his special education teacher left for maternity leave, but is now back at school and he looks forward to seeing her every day.

The problem, though, is that so much of Thatcher’s world is changing. Not to mention, I’m working on finding him a new doctor. Why? Because it’s troublesome to see a different doctor or nurse practitioner every time we go into the office and have to go through this every time:

Me: Thatcher is having this problem. He’s been crying a lot lately, seems to not feel well and I’m not sure what’s wrong. This isn’t normal, but he has Autism and is non-verbal.

Doctor: Okay, well, let’s check Thatcher out and see what’s going on.

*Doctor proceeds checking Thatcher and I wait.

Doctor: Has Thatcher been complaining of any pain recently, like a tummy ache or anything?

Me: No. Thatcher has Autism and is non-verbal, therefore, he cannot tell me when things are wrong. I just have to guess.

Thinking in my head: Did I not just say that he has Autism and is non-verbal? Does this doctor not know what non-verbal means?

Doctor: *Looking annoyed because I can’t tell her anything. Oh, okay, well I was just wondering if he had mentioned anything to you.

Me: No.

This happens every single time we go to the doctor. Does this happen to other Autism Moms?

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