Big Changes Ahead

Well, today was Monkey’s last day with his current ST. She’s been wonderful, but is moving on to a new job and so next week, Monkey will be seeing a new ST. Today he awarded his ST with a bounty of language. He said, “moo, cow, oink, quack,” along with so many words that his ST actually wrote them on a piece of paper. Since she’s been so successful in getting our son to begin talking and this was her last day seeing him, we’ve invited her to Monkey’s birthday party, which is in a week and half. Monkey will be turning four.

After speech, it was again time for OT and today, I decided to spend most of the time outside of the room while his OT did what she does. I’ve been told that it is better for Monkey to spend a bit of time away from his parents so that he will be more prepared for preschool, which starts on Monday!!!

I’m still anxious about sending Monkey to preschool and it has been suggested that I ask for permission to sit in on his class for the first few days to help him ease into the transition. I’ve also talked to his teacher to set up a home visit before school begins. (We’ll be seeing her on Friday.) As I was talking to her, the topic of Monkey’s therapy came up because she suggested we meet on Wednesday afternoon (therapy day), so I told her that Monkey is in therapy at that time, so a different day would be better. Then she asked what kind of therapy, so I told her and then mentioned that Monkey was recently diagnosed with Autism and low and behold, she said that she would talk to the special education coordinator at the school and get Monkey set up with ST and OT at the school and get things taken care of, so no more of this “he can’t get what he needs here” nonsense that the local Board of Education gave me when I went to drop off his diagnosis papers.

So, on Friday, maybe we can get some things straightened out so that Monkey is still getting what he needs without having to miss a lot of school just to go to therapy, which is what the Board of Education suggested that I do and can be done if necessary since preschool isn’t required in our state. However, I do know that because of the American’s with Disabilities Act, Monkey will qualify for additional things like ST and OT from the school. I just have to fight for it, which I know almost defeats the purpose of the ADA. It’s really frustrating, but if that’s what it takes, it’s what I’m willing to do.

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