A Day Away

Today was a very interesting day for Monkey. First of all, he woke up at 6:50 a.m. screaming so loudly that it woke up my husband. I’d put him to bed early, but I could hear him playing in his room until I went to sleep at 11:00 p.m., so it was unusual for Monkey to wake up before 10:00 a.m. Here’s the problem: Monkey likes to suck his right thumb, but I noticed a sore on it the other day and have kept it bandaged to keep it from getting infected. He won’t suck his thumb with the bandage on it and is not at all convinced that he has another thumb. He’d also been constipated from the potty party and he’s cutting his four year molars, so he’s been pretty difficult lately.

Now, today my husband starting training for his new teaching job, so he was going to be in the next town over where a friend of mine lives, so my friend and I made plans to hang out for the day. She needed to borrow a drill to hang up a shelf and I happen to have one. So, this morning, my husband and I decided to go to the next town together, but because our son was being pretty difficult when it was time to leave, I told my husband to go on and I would handle taking care of our son, so my husband left. Once I finally got my son calm enough, I decided it would be safe to go, put him in the car along with tools to hang the shelf and all of the things my son and I would need for the day and headed to my friend’s house. Naturally, I took the wrong exit and got lost, but was easily directed to the correct location. Then once we’d gone to get some food and were back and settled in for the day, my son continued to be difficult until I finally gave him some medicine for his pain and he went to sleep on the couch. He slept for a few hours, but I was glad because I knew he didn’t sleep well last night. So the real fun didn’t happen until he woke up.

After my son woke up, he started being quite vocal. At one point, he held out a water bottle and said, “More.” Then, later, he was trying to open a box, but couldn’t get it open, so he said, “Open it!” A TWO WORD PHRASE! After that, my husband stopped by once he was finished for the day. Our original plan was to cook out at my friend’s house after our husbands were finished at work, but my husband decided that he was too tired and went home. I stayed to help put up the shelf because we’d spent the whole day cleaning. (My friend has a two month old baby and I could see that she was a little swamped and volunteered to help.) After my husband left and once my friend’s husband returned, I went to show my friend’s husband that we’d cleaned off their back porch. My son followed us outside. When he wanted to come back inside, I was standing in the way, so he said, “Go in there.” A THREE WORD PHRASE! After we came back in, we all went up stairs to tend to my friend’s baby. (No, it did not take all of us, but we all wanted to be near the baby.) So, my son comes in the baby’s room and starts flipping her light switch on and off. He’s visually stimulated by this. My friend has two cats and one of them was close enough to the light switch to try and flip the switch with her paw, but son decided that she didn’t need to flip the switch, pushed the cat’s paw away and said, “No, dummy.” ANOTHER TWO WORD PHRASE! I have no idea where he learned the word ‘dummy,’ but it was hilarious to hear him call a cat dummy. I knew a little later that I had not mistaken what he said because the cat tried to flip the switch once more and when he pushed her that time, she batted my son with her paw and almost scratched him (with no intention to hurt him, though) and he said, “Dummy!” again.

Shortly after this, I decided to leave so that I could get home before dark and now my son has been sitting here next to me watching cartoons and interacting with the TV. All and all, he’s been completely productive today and I’m not sure where all of these words came from. I called my mom and told her that maybe we should make him mad more often because it seems as if he’s more vocal if he’s upset than if he’s content. Regardless, I am really glad we had such a productive day today and really hope that this behavior (not the being difficult, but the talking) continues.Then at the end of the day, I found a link to this video in my email and it made my day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34xoYwLNpvw&NR=1.

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