Going to the Board of Education

So, I finally went to the Board of Education, form stating that my son is Autistic in hand and it was a complete waste of time to say the least. I’d already enrolled my son for preschool this year, making sure to have all of the necessary forms delivered to them in person. Today, I drove into town, which I hate doing because it’s a bigger city with far too many one way streets in the historic district, parked my car in the smallest parking space, walked into the Board of Education to find a couple with their four year old daughter sitting outside of the preschool enrollment office waiting for someone to get back. The sign on the door said, “Will be back at…” The read hands on a face clock pointed at the 12 and 6. The small hand on the 6 and the large hand on the 12, meaning the sign said, “Will be back at 6:00.” The couple assumed the sign was suppose to say, “Will be back at 12:30.” It made sense because it was around lunch time, but the couple had been sitting there for almost an hour waiting for someone to arrive. I decided to take a chance and wait with them. At least they could have a bit of company if they weren’t giving up. At about 1:20 a woman finally walked up the back steps and opened the door, pulling the sign off as she entered. She meant for the sign to say, “Will be back at 1:30.”

I entered the room with the couple and their daughter and took a seat to wait patiently until they had finished their own business. They only needed to provide proof of residence, so they spent approximately one hour to do something that took five minutes. That doesn’t include drive time during the lunch rush traffic. I felt sorry for them. They left gladly and then it was my turn. As I spoke another mother came in with her daughter and began filling out the enrollment form. I told the woman why I was there. I had the form that stated Monkey’s diagnosis was finally official and I needed to drop it off. First she couldn’t find my son’s file and I had to spell out our last name for her, even though our last name is also another city not far from here. She spent about five minutes just trying to find his file. “When were you here to enroll him?” she asked me. “About a month ago,” I replied. She couldn’t find my son’s file on the computer and walked across the room to find the paper file. It wasn’t there. Then she asked his name again. I told her again and she found it on the computer. Clearly, I wasn’t dealing with someone who was very bright, I could tell. Then I explained the paper to her again and she informed me that she didn’t need the form. I could give it to my son’s teacher when she calls after August 10th. “School doesn’t start until August 22nd,” she told me, but I already knew because I looked that up online. I asked about a special classroom. Preschool students don’t get a special education classroom in this school district, regardless of whatever disabilities they have. So, now what? I guess I wait to hear from his teacher, who will visit my home twice. Once before school starts and the woman didn’t tell me when the other visit would be.

However, all was not lost in this wasted little trip. After I left, I stopped at the Family Dollar store that is on the way home to find a specific package of bubbles for my son. I was looking for the kind that they use at therapy for us to use at home because the wands create many more bubbles and your hands don’t get messy because the handle also the lid for the bubbles. I have yet to find this, but I walked into this dollar store and found something better. I found a package of bubbles that came with a spill proof lid. Naturally, I bought it in the hopes that it would work as well as advertised and to my surprise, it does. So, I did waste my time by going all the way downtown, but at least the trip wasn’t a total waste.

And now for some news on my son: He is continuing to say, “pop,” but today when I brought the bubbles home, he said, “bubbles.” This is a new word that he hasn’t said before and then later, I made popcorn, which he loves and he said, “pop…corn.” This was also new, so two new words in one day. This is magnificent, let’s hope he keeps up the good work. 🙂

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